The Rambler, mobility solution

A vehicle that can be used indoors (maneuverability) and outdoor (ability to move in varied terrains; sidewalks, loose ground, slope...).
In the range of means of transport, the Rambler fits as a possible alternative between walking, cycling and the use of a car. It is particularly adapted to the up and coming “ECO neighborhoods” and urban centers excluding automobiles.
In the professional sector, its use and applications as a development base for your specific needs is unlimited.

4-wheel-steering (AWS) vehicle, using electric geared motor. One to four wheels drive, with electronic differential.
A control pulpit, on which controllers and dashboard are mounted (direction, speed, forward/reverse, battery charge, GPS, etc...)

Basic characteristics

Length 80 à 90 cm
Width 63 à 66 cm
Height 1,2 m (pupit)
Weight 60 à 80 kg
Speed 6 à 10 km/h
Turning radius 1,10 m
Power 1 à 4 geared motor(s) 1x100 to 4x280 W
Range from 4 and up to 6hrs
Total load 140 kg
Slope up to 30 %
Environment indoor / outdoor conditions,
even on soft and uneven ground
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